Great ways to lose weight fast

Great ways to lose weight fast is the subject which occupies our thinking; especially we want it very fast.

Many people are looking for ways to lose weight, but the question here how to know great ways to lose weight fast.

You must have a strong willpower to bear how to lose your weight.

Without your willpower, your appetite will lead you to which love and all your previous work will be lost.

Excess weight occurs for one of the following reasons:

  • The food contains a quantity of calories and fat.
  • Lack of moving and lack of exercise of any kind of sports activities.
  • Psychological comfort is not good.

Great ways to lose weight fast

Great ways to lose weight fast:

  • Change your diet:

You must change your diet and this is done by Staying from fast foods which are loved by many people.

It is very bad which contains high rates of calories and cholesterol.

  •  Drinking a lot of water:

it is known that water has many important elements in its composition.

Water works to burn fat naturally especially when we drink after sleeping directly.

So we must drink water 3 liter per day. Other benefits for water is reduce feeling of hunger.

  • Breakfast:

The body in the morning needs to burn a lot of calories.

 Breakfast is very important to people who want reduce their weight because of not eating breakfast in the morning, your weight will increase.

  • Eating of vegetables and fruits:

it is always recommended to eat a lot of vegetables before any meal; vegetables and fruits contain high ratios of fiber that reduce cholesterol in blood.

They give you feeling of fullness and not eating a lot of foods during the launch and facilitate the digestion.

Great ways to lose weight fast

Eat vegetables with low carbs such as:

  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce
  • Celery
  • Broccoli
  • Staying from fatty foods:

 these foods have high ratios of fat such as meats.

Fatty foods cause many a lot of diseases such as blockage of the arteries, diabetes.

Keep off foods with fat sources such as:

  • Tallow
  • Butter
  • Any oil

But I will give you who is the oil that does not contain a lot of damage?

It is coconut oil which contains medium –chain triglycerides fats.

These fats can promote the metabolism in the body.


  • Doing exercises:

If you have not any time for going to gym, you can do some exercises in the morning before your work.

Wake up morning daily and running around the track before working this will result in more activities in your work and burning more fats.

Exercises will contribute on elimination the lethargy significantly.

You can perform your exercise daily for one hour only.

But it’s better to go to the gym to lift weight; by lifting weights, the calories will be burned in fast time.

By lifting weight, your abdominal muscles will be tighten and remove sagging and your body become more agility.

Great ways to lose weight fast

  • Keep off sugars:

Weight gain leads to a high insulin rate and therefore a blood sugar level which effects on skin collagen.

Sugar causes a lack of calcium and magnesium in the body and work on increasing the levels of cholesterol and fat.

There is intimate relationship between sugar and insulin; when insulin low down, fat go out from their stores.

Therefore your body begins to burn fats.

Finally you must prevent your appetite and control of your wishes to keep off sugars and starches.

No one deny that we all love sugars but if there is harm from it, we must give it up completely.

  • Take enough sleep :

Sleep early and wake up early from the factors that most people miss it.

Staying awake all night make the human eat continuously and get on gain weight.

 However, early waking stimulates the body’s stimulant hormones.

Renewal of skin cells occurs at night during sleeping .therefore poor sleep lead to appearance of wrinkles.

  • Drink one cup of tea or coffee:

Studies shows drinking a cup of tea or coffee promote your metabolism.

But don’t drink more of coffee so as not to infect with insomnia.

  • keep off sugary drinks and canned juices:

These are the most important things that work on weight gain because of containing these juices on a lot of sugars.

  • Make a free day in the week:

Make a day in the week eat what you love but do not eat too much to get used to sugars and fat foods.

Free meal should contain protein and carbohydrates because it increases leptin hormone and raise the level of fat burning.

  It is preferred to select a specific day in week and also is preferred to select a specific hour in this day.

You must not stop exercises in this day but you must do exercises more in this day especially.

Great ways to lose weight fast


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Fast devices:

  • Do not fell regret when you take any foods out of the health system because this is likely to happen but be more powerful and willing not to do this again.
  • In public events such as concerts and parties, it is difficult to control of your appetite.

                  So you can take a few of sweets but do not take more than two pieces.

  • Eating slowly with small plates.
  • Some people think that when they starve themselves, thus reducing their weight; already their weight will be reduced but it will be returned much larger than first.

                  So do not torment yourself without useful.


If you follow this Great ways to lose weight fast, I will promise you to lose your weight in the shortest possible time.






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