Hair color design

Hair color design helps us to improve our appearance, changing some of our hair stylists gives us a sense of vitality.

Every women likes to appear attractive appearance, every women love to be with shining appearance.

You can do it and more of that by hair color design, is there anything better than changing the color of our hair?

Changing some follicles of hair is enough to do what we want of appearance.

Hair colored give us self –confidence, feeling comfortable psychological, shining effect and renewable.

Hair color design

Hair color design depends on type of skin:

Hair color design varies according to skin color, every skin require different type of hair pigment.

  • The owner of dark skin fit with them brown colors and dark yellow colors; light colors will not be suitable for them because light colors will show their face colors brightly.
  • The owner of low dark skin fit with them light brown colors, red colors and dark yellow.
  • The owner of white skin fit with them any colors of pigment.

When you choose the suitable color for hair, you will become more beauty and shining.

The colors of your eyes have great effects of choosing the suitable the color of hair pigment.

The common colors of eyes between people are blue, green, black, brown and gradients of them.

  • Blue eyes fit with very light colors and green also.
  • Black, brown and gray eyes fit with low dark color; you can look at samples of design before decide to do specific type.

Hair color design

If you can like specific color and your skin not suitable for this, we found solution which satisfies for this.

You can color some follicles of hair only with the preferred color and leave other parts of your hair.

Tips of hair color design:

  • It is always recommended to use hair pigment which you can remove after certain duration.
  • Make sure there is no sensitivity of pigment on your hair by using little of this on some follicles of hair.
  • Following the guides attached with bottle of pigment from first to the end and don’t forget any step or neglect it.
  • Going to center which find all safety possibilities in it and perfect cleanliness.
  • If you want making the pigment at the home, you should make this with your friend or any person who care of you and help you to do the perfect using.
  • Using near color of your natural hair and then begin to change the color gradually.
  • Clean your hair with shampoo before using the pigment.
  • Use natural cream and oil for your hair before using the pigment.
  • It was recommended going to an expert of hair to make and do not make it yourself.
  • If your natural hair with dark color and you want to change your hair from this dark color into yellow color , you should asking any expert in this field about the recommendation of using this new color before using .
  • Put cream on edges of your face to increase the safety.
  • Be sure to use pigments that have side effects on your hair , these pigment contain chemicals which harm your hair and make it falling.

Hair color design

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Be careful of chemicals pigments which contain ammonia substance that is very harmful to hair follicles.

New studies warned of using these chemicals because the skin of head absorbs these toxins and enter these toxins into the blood and causes many diseases such as cancer.


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