How to protect your hair from trichorrhexis

How to protect your hair from trichorrhexis

Trichorrhexis  is a big problem face women and men together, what is trichorrhexis ? simply it is breaking of head hair. hair problems increase with age progress, trichorrhexis affects on young women, older women, men, children all types of people. But older people are more effective than young people because moisture decrease in their hair so natural oils production are stopped with high percentage.

How to protect your hair from trichorrhexis?

  • Keep away of sunrise:

Try to keep your hair away from heating, heating makes your hear harmful and increase from trichorrhexis . women suffer from this problem a lot because they need to soft their hair continuously so we advise you decrease this.

  • Choosing correct products:

It is prefered to choose products that richness with moisture elements and feeder to hair such as natural oil. There are some products that contain harmful elements such as silicon so you must avoid these products to keep your hair.

How to protect your hair from trichorrhexis

  • Using natural protein for hair:

Protein is very useful for hair, it protects hair from trichorrhexis and makes hair very strong. But we advise you using protein little, use it on necessary because when you use protein much lead to hair dryness.

You can use balsam instead of protein, balsam is the best replacement of protein because it protects hair well from trichorrhexis.

Reducing the number of washing the hair: you must reduce the number of washing your hair, you can wash your hair per two days to allow the natural oils to get out and feed your hair.

  • Reduce washing your hair with shampoo:

Don’t wash your hair with shampoo always, you can wash your hair with water only and wash it with shampoo one in the week.

  • Cut the ends of the hair:

You are necessary to cut ends of your hair permanently, cut its ends per two months and don’t wait even happening trichorrhexis.

How to protect your hair from trichorrhexis











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