what are the reasons of hair loss for women and men

what are the reasons of hair loss

What are the reasons of the hair loss ? this question is very important to most people but are you ready to listen for some advises to look after your hair.

Hair loss is considered from natural cases every day, most of people is worried when go to bathroom and see your hair falls but it is very normal.

The thing which is considered abnormal and worry about that when see your hair falls a lot, so when your hair is fallen heavily you try to get on any information for this matter.

What are the reasons of hair loss for women and men ?

There are many reasons for this , there are reasons that are normal to happen and there are not natural.

what are the reasons of hair loss

  • Changes in body hormones for women and men.
  • After age of 55 age, human become is older and the hair is begin in fallen.
  • Disorders on immune system in your body and immune system attack the hair by mistake.
  • Hair loss is happen for women during pregnancy and after birth ,the hair is take a different hormones in first the hair is become very heavy then sudden fallen in the hair.
  • Increasing of blood pressure : hair loss and blood pressure raising are linked with them, blood pressure is chronic diseases;Due to this disease naturally happening in your hair.
  • Tension : there are more conditions happen to human during life lead to tension and tension lead to many diseases not only hair loss .
  • Stress : stress is come from many reasons may be from work or problems happens in the family , stress becomes very danger to your hair it works on  trichorrhexis and lead to hair loss.
  • Contraceptive pills : when women take contraceptive pills , there are sides effects happen for this between there effects hair loss.
  • Disorders on thyroid : any disorders on thyroid leads to changing in body hormones , so it affects on hair and make your hair is low and fallen.






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