what are the reasons of headache for women and men

what are the reasons of headache for women and men

Headache is happen due to enlargement of blood vessels inside brain , then enlargement leads to pressure happening which effects on nerves and then happen headache.

Headache is consider from the common diseases and popular which happen between people so recent studies show headache is happen nearly for all people .

What are the reasons of headache for women and men?

  • Inflammation of paranasal sinuses :

Simply a malfunction within the nose lead to disorders on air pressure so happen headache.

  • Smoking :

Smoking had a bad disadvantages and is considered the main reasons of headache, nicotine works on raising blood pressure so increase blood flow causing headache.

  • Activator drinkings :

Drinking which contain some of activators such as tea and coffee , human usually drink tea or coffee many times per day. If he can’t drink tea during his day , a big headache is happened so you mustn’t drink a lot of these drinks. 

  • Increasing of blood pressure :

Blood flow is increase so happening blood pressure increasing and human feel a headache in his head.

  • Eyes :

Eye is popular reason and is also disappear reason for feeling you with headache , probably you suffer from inflammation of eyes or there is problem in your eyes such as cologoma disease and retina.

what are the reasons of headache for women and men

  • Dental diseases :

Dental disease is very painful, when is there in the tooth , you feel surely with big headache.

  • Noisy sounds :

  Hearing of high sounds leads to happening headache .

  • Stress and tension :

Normally you found yourself under psychological pressure and under stress from your work or your road so surely these factors affects on your hormones and causing headache.

  • T.V and computer :

Watching a lot of t.v for many hours causing fatigue in your eyes and  therefore causing headache . Setting on screen of the computer affects on head causing headache so you must take rest per half hour to rest your eyes.  




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