what are the reasons of swollen feet

what are the reasons of swollen feet

Swollen feet is accumulation of fluids inside tissue and muscle; Swollen feet is may be normal or abnormal but how we know this case normal or no.

We will talk now when the swollen feet is natural to happen or no and also we will talk what are the reasons of swollen feet to avoid these reasons and get on a healthy feet.They are many reasons for happen this some of them clear and other not clear but there are signs show this.

Usually when any man set down a lot of time , certainly swelling occurs in the feet this case is very normal don’t worry about that.Another case when you sleep long time on the bed in the morning you feel some of swelling in your feet,this also normal don’t disturb with this.

Or walking long time for 3 or 4 hours without stop , you feel certainly with swelling in your feet so you must take rest and stop of walking but this is very normal also for swelling.

But if this swelling is still for long time after sleeping or other thing this is not natural you must worry about that, you must go to doctor to make check up about your feet.

Also you must worry upon occurring swelling in the feet continuously and this swelling is chronic,in this case you hurry up to hospital to check because probably occurring other sides effects accompanies this swelling such as decreasing in blood circulation or occuring  ulceration in the skin.

what are the reasons of swollen feet

What are the reasons of swollen feet?

  • Increasing in the weight :

There is  intimate relationship between swelling in the feet and the weight , whenever the weight of the body increase occur heavy load on the legs causing swelling in its.

  • Diabetes disease:

There are some of sides effects of diabetes disease such as swelling.

  • Drugs :

Taking some drugs which have sides effects on the body.







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