what are the ways of speech late treatment for children


Children suffer from lateness of speech , so the parents begin to fear of that specially if this is child is the first of them ; They don’t have any previous experience about treating with children but we must help a favour hands  for you with pleased.

Parents feel with much fear about their children and because of intensity love , they feel with anxiety ,disturb and tension; This is normal from doing this acts but you should follow your child contionsuly and notice what are the changes that happens to him or her.

What are the reasons of speech delaying for your child.

Before we will say these reasons , you must know this delaying is not very dangerous and famous problem between the children in same ages .

So, you shouldn’t feel fear or anxiety about this , you must be patient to solve this simple problem , you must not compare between your child with other children in same ages; this is very bad for you and your child and make you very angry to solve this problem.

Quietness is the best way to encounter this event but be sure is not be very dangerous to can face this problem.

  • Infect of hearing losses whether if that congenital flaw or inflammations in his or her ear.
  • Social reasons such as ignoring the child or don’t speak with them for many times.
  • Finding some of diseases in the body of child and not visible such as brain paralysis or other disease.

what are the ways of speech late treatment for children

What are the ways of speech late treatment for children.

You should in first attend the doctor to know what is the problem to be sure  a child don’t suffer from any diseases , so , if a child suffer from any invisible disease , must be treated it first.

  • Supervision on a child permanently and follow a child very well.
  • Speaking a lot with the child.
  • Repeating the words permanently on a child’s ears and using true words.
  • Making a child with other children who are same age and make him mixing up with them , this is very well for him.
  • Don’t be angry or hasty for making a child speak quickly.





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